Have you heard of this social media platform called Snapchat? Yes! Nowadays almost every youngster uses almost all the famous social media platforms. This Snapchat Platform is known for its great and sole popularity with teens, also it is the market penetration that is starting to hit young as well as the older generations.

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Top Snapchat Marketing Tips

Posting your snapchat story often

Whenever you create a social media snapchat account you have to keep it active almost for the whole day. If you create an account and leave it unused for some days, people following you may lose interest in viewing your stories and may even unfollow your account. Hence, for that you need to maintain your standard by posting your story daily.

But, you should keep in mind that the number of stories that you post should not increase around 20 per day! Excessive stories may also create a very bad impact on your followers. You have to post necessary things related to your business in a very interesting and innovative way.

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Promote our Snapchat account everywhere

You have to ask your other social media account followers to follow you on snapchat for more information related to your business. You need to provide a link which directly takes the user to your snapchat follow account and attracts them to follow you.

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Public Profiles in Business Accounts

Content should be User-integrated

You have to involve all the users to interact with your account on Snapchat. You should ask your followers to post their pictures and videos related to your business and ask them to tag your business account. After that you can repost all the pictures and let your followers know that you are very interactive with them.

Discounts and Promo codes

You can send out discounts and other promotional offers via Snapchat account. Offering a discount will attract a lot of followers to your account.

New Product promotion

You need to keep your followers up to date by telling them more and more about your business brand. Whenever you want to promote a new product related to your business, keep posting it on your Snapchat account story and let your followers know about your new product brand strategy.

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Snapchat Ads

Reply to your Followers

This is the most important tip when it comes to the relation between you and your followers. Whenever the follower tries to ask you a question, never try to ignore them or leave a negative comment. Reply to their query as fast as you can! Make them feel that you care for them by involving them in your business brand. User interaction and being friendly with your customer is the most important part of marketing!

Content should be relevant

Your snapchat account should post everything related to your business account. If you start forwarding all the general stuff, it may lead to the failure of your marketing business. Peoplemay lose interest in following you on Snapchat.

Promote Upcoming event

If your brand or your company is hosting or attending some kind of meeting or event, tell your audience about it by posting a story on your Snapchat account. Depending on what kind of event it is you may also try to get your followers to come and also show their support.

Most people are more capable of purchasing tickets to an event after watching a similar event on a live video stream.

While Snapchat technically isn't a live video, it’s pretty close to all of it. You can assume the whole of the percentage of people interested in the event will be similar.

Brand and Business promoting Events using Snapchats
Brand and Business promoting Events using Snapchats

Inform Followers about the Milestone of your company

You need to keep your audience updated about all the important dates related to your company.

You can even talk about all the other milestones, like getting your 10,000th follower on a great and certain social media platform.

All of these which are listed are great excuses to post on Snapchat. It’s a nice break from the same boring and lame posts that get shared on a daily basis related to your business!

Why Snapchat Marketing?

As a brand, you may be using a more popular platform such as Fb, Ig, Youtube, or Twitter as compared to Snapchat when comes to advertising online.

But the choice of social network platform should depend on the audience you are targeting. If your target audience uses another platform like Snapchat, it's pointless to limit your advertising to major social networks.

Though there are very few people using Snapchat nowadays, marketing on Snapchat is not so easy! You have to be very careful when it comes to marketing. You need to follow all the 9 tips given above and promote your business company accordingly! If you want to attract the youths in this generation, snapchat is a better option.

Most of the youngsters use Snapchat to click pictures and post stories and send pictures to their friends to maintain a feature called streak. So they use it almost everyday to not break the streak. So you have to aim and attract the youths to market on Snapchat!

Snapchat Statistics
Snapchat Statistics - 2021

Advantages of Snapchat Marketing

It is a fun way to attract your customers. On snapchat you can show people that you are real and not just a business person! Using Snapchat for marketing your business is just a better way of engaging with customers in an interactive manner! Youngsters nowadays use snapchat so it is very good to promote there as they see posts everyday related to your business!


Social media platforms like Snapchat are growing in popularity. If your company does not have a Snapchat account, you need to create one very fast!

Also, once your account is active, you need to get followers and keep them engaged for almost everyday by posting stories.

Whether Snapchat is new for you or even you are looking for a fresh insight to spice up your existing Snapchat marketing campaign, the tips that are outlined above are a great place to start. You can use all the tips and market your business among everyone!

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