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We have till now seen stories of Snapchat, then came stories by Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Now, there is a new entry in this field by Google. Web stories by Google is a new thing which can be seen in mobiles when you open google chrome. The stories are according to the preferences of an individual person. Google web stories have made it easy for the people to read the blogs and articles of their choice by just reading the title and seeing image which gives a brief about the article.

Google has also announced a Beta version for WordPress plugin that helps people to publish their content in Google web stories at the top.

Chrome web stories also helps to rank a website, photo or an app.

What are Google web stories?

Google web stories is a platform for publishers. It is an AMP technology which is supported by Google. Google web stories provide same thing which other social media platforms offer.

The chrome story can contain images, videos and written content. The web story was made considering the publishers but now it has moved the focus more to the viewers. Publishers should post the content which is interesting and looks appealing. Chrome Web stories help to rank a publisher. It can appear whenever anybody searches a topic. Publishers should use keywords in their stories. Each page of the web story by Google can have 10 words. There can be 4 to 30 pages. This size is recommended by Google. Publishers can also earn money by adding affiliate links, Google DV360 and Google Ads Manager. Google has played a very intelligent game by starting web stories for mobiles. People use mobiles for searching and if he gets results in form of short stories then, people will not move to other search engines.

Features of Google Web Stories

Web stories can be seen on Google chrome

Google web stories can be seen on searches. If a surfer, searches anything on Google, web stories will also appear relevant to the search. This section is called top stories. This can be seen when you search on your mobile.

Full-screen mode

Chrome web stories have a unique feature. Web story can be seen in a full-screen mode on desktop and mobile.

Click to make it simple

Publishers can link their websites with the chrome story so that the viewer can directly visit the website on one click and can also view a product.

Read more relevant stories

Viewer can read content and also read related content by going to the next story.

Google Web Stories WordPress plugin

Google has launched a plugin for WordPress that help publishers to rank their story content. The plugin is just for a testing purpose. This plugin will be finalised by October 2020. The beta version plugin lacks a lot of features. This may contain a lot of bugs as well. The final version will be more swift and way less buggy.

Few key-points by Google

Google says that video should not be longer than 12- 15 seconds.

Image in the story should be in portrait mode.

Title should be good and catchy.

Every story should have interesting captions so that the viewer can read as well as watch the video and images.

Google says font size of the story should be minimum 24 and every story should not exceed a word limit more than 200 characters.

Can we download web stories plugin in WordPress?

Right now, Google has just launched a beta version of this chrome web stories plugin. So, it does not have all the features. There can be a lot of bugs in it. It can be good to use it to get familiarize with the plugin which can help a lot in future.

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